URL Screenshot Tool Changelog

Version 1.0
  • Initial release of the URL Screenshot Tool.
  • Allows users to capture screenshots of web pages using their URLs.
  • Provides an intuitive interface for entering and submitting URLs for screenshot generation.
  • Supports various image formats for saving screenshots, such as PNG and JPEG.
  • Includes basic settings for adjusting screenshot quality and dimensions.
  • Implements error handling for handling invalid or inaccessible URLs.
  • Offers a simple preview of the generated screenshot before saving.
Version 1.1
  • Added support for capturing full-page screenshots, including content beyond the viewport.
  • Introduced a delay option to allow web pages to load fully before taking the screenshot.
  • Improved rendering and image quality of the captured screenshots.
  • Enhanced compatibility with different web browsers and rendering engines.
  • Implemented a progress indicator to provide feedback during the screenshot generation process.
  • Fixed minor bugs and improved overall stability.
Version 1.2
  • Integrated a thumbnail preview feature for displaying a smaller version of the screenshot.
  • Added the ability to annotate or add text overlays to the captured screenshots.
  • Implemented a batch processing feature for capturing screenshots of multiple URLs simultaneously.
  • Enhanced error handling and reporting for better diagnosis of URL and rendering issues.
  • Improved user interface with additional options for customization and ease of use.
  • Resolved reported issues and fixed known bugs to ensure smoother functionality.
Version 1.3
  • Introduced a scheduling feature to automate the capturing of screenshots at specific times or intervals.
  • Added the option to save screenshots to cloud storage services for easier access and sharing.
  • Enhanced performance and loading times for quicker screenshot generation.
  • Improved error handling for handling timeouts and network-related issues.
  • Made UI refinements for better user experience and accessibility.
  • Addressed reported issues and fixed known bugs to ensure smoother functionality.

Please note that this is a basic changelog, and the actual updates and features may vary depending on the specific development and release process of the URL Screenshot Tool.